Who are the daughters of actors who succeed in fashion?

Hailey Baldwin, Riley Keough, Dylan Penn, Lily-Rose Depp … All of them have found success as a model, they have become the new influencers to follow on Instagram and share that they have parents actors (both or at least one from them). The last ones to join this group are Clara and Esther McGregor, daughters of the famous protagonist of the film Moulin Rouge, Ewan McGregor. Both have become an image of the firm Fendi, specifically, a photographic series to mark the 10th anniversary of its iconic Peekaboo bag.

What do you know about them? Know them better in this gallery, as well as other models that are daughters of actors and succeed in fashion.

Esther McGregor

At age 16, Eva Mavrakis and Ewan McGregor’s youngest daughter has established herself as a model in this campaign. With more than 12,000 followers in her Instagram profile, this young woman manages to capture audiences for her incredible photogenic and her great passion, music. In fact, her consolidation as a singer and composer has led her to recently publish a song that many have described as a response to the controversial divorce of their parents.

Instagram: esther.mcgregor

Clara McGregor

Accompanying Esther, we find Clara, the eldest daughter of Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis. In her case, and despite the fact that fashion seems to be a terrain where she could triumph in style, it is the world of interpretation that has professionally seduced this 22-year-old girl.

Hailey Baldwin

Without a doubt, Hailey Baldwin is the daughter of the most successful actors in fashion. In his case, it is his father, Stephen Baldwin, who has found professional recognition in the world of interpretation (his mother, Kennya, is a graphic designer). Currently, the model occupies the main headlines after announcing her commitment to the singer Justin Bieber.

Lily-Rose Depp

Daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose has become one of the favorite influencers to pose in the campaigns of the house Chanel. In addition, by the hand of this firm and its designer, Karl Lagerfeld, has climbed a catwalk on three occasions despite measuring 1.60 meters in height.

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