Heidi Klum has her most romantic summer together with Tom Kaulitz

Rumors of a possible relationship between Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz began late last winter, but it was not until May when the news was confirmed and the couple made their first official appearance. The German took advantage of her time on the red carpet at the Cannes Festival, a date she attends every year, to pose for the first time with her new boyfriend and confirm what she had been commenting for months, with a statement on social networks included. On that occasion, the top and the guitarist went together to the amfAR charity gala, where they exhibited their total complicity and did not hesitate to record their love through hugs, kisses and affectionate gestures of all kinds. Today, three months after that special night that marked the public debut of their romance, the couple continues to show that they are more in love with each passing day.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz seen leaving their yacht in an elegant outfit on 10 Aug 2018

The 17 years of difference -Heidi is 45 and Tom will be 28 in a few weeks- have not been inconvenient for the top and the guitarist, who are living their first summer together with a lot of passion. Both are of German origin and have had several known relationships, in the case of her the most remarkable is her marriage of seven years with the singer Seal, with whom she has three biological children (who join the small Leni, fruit of the courtship between Heidi and Falvio Briatore, whom the singer adopted as his own), while he has never had children but who went through the altar with Ria Sommerfeld, although within a few months they decided to divorce. Heidi and Tom are living a very intense summer that is taking them to different points of the European geography. A few weeks ago, the guitarist participated along with his twin brother Bill and his companions Georg and Gustav at the Tokio Hotel Summer Camp, a hybrid between festival and camp that brought together the fans of the group and which also attended the model, which left record in social networks of the good tune you have with the family and friends of your boyfriend.

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